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Trendy 3Ds for architects and builders


In need of professional architectural models? Welcome to the haven of best-in-class 3D modelling services, powered by industry leading experts and software.




At MM Wax, we provide our customers with diverse 3D architectural models such as house plan, public and private institutions, hotels, malls, hospitals, apartments, towers, and etc. We employ sophisticated software and technology tools to create astonishing designs and modules of virtual buildings that enhance smooth interaction between architects, contractors, and builders.

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Our services come ataffordable costs and competitive prices without sacrificing quality for affordability.  We offer 3D visualization services that present a decisive overview of precise architectural structure prior to construction.



We run a team of seasoned designers, working together to create models and design that perfectly match client requirements with a keen eye on the smallest of details that have larger design impact. Thus, our models are well designed and optimized to match the best in the industry.


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